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Chinese short course

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Chinese Basics (102)

Course Information

This course comprises two levels:
1. Level One
2. Level Two

This is a beginner’s course and is mostly conversational at the beginning. It teaches the standardized spoken Chinese (Mandarin, or Putonghua, in Chinese, which means ‘the common speech’) and simplified characters that are commonly used in mainland China. It begins with the sound system (Pinyin) and fundamentals of Chinese characters, and moves on to learn the most useful expressions and common characters in Chinese. After that, it covers the topics of conversations in daily life, short passages of reading, with the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. In the meantime, it offers cultural experience activities and the basic introduction of Chinese culture.

By the end of the course, learners should have a general understanding of the Chinese language and culture, learn about 300 words and 80 characters, be able to understand spoken Chinese on daily topics, and make short conversations accordingly.

The course is suitable for both beginners and those who have the rudimentary of Chinese.

Level One”

 Aim & outcome:

1. Learn and practice Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (Pinyin), which comprises initials and finals, tones, and rules of pronouncing and spelling Pinyin.

2. Master the basic Chinese sentence patterns and daily conversation. Be able to understand certain classroom languages.

3. Form the consciousness of Chinese characters structures. Be able to recognize and write certain number (about 30) of basic Chinese characters.

4. Get to know the basic Chinese culture and join Chinese cultural activities.


Target students:

Zero-based students who want to get started with learning Chinese (Mandarin) and get some knowledge of basic Chinese culture.


Level Two

Aim & outcome:

1.{C}Consolidate pronunciation.

2.{C}Master more words and phrases, sentence patterns and grammar properly. Be able to communicate within common topics in daily life expertly and give uncomplicated speeches in Chinese. To achieve certain listening and reading ability.

3. Learn to recognize and write more Chinese characters basing on the knowledge of character structure rules.(about 50 more new characters)

4. Get to know more Chinese culture and participant Chinese cultural activities.


Target students who:

  1. The students who has completed Level One or have the basic knowledge.
  2. The students who are willing to study knowledge of Chinese culture.


Details of the course:



Level 1 (for students outside campus / UCT staff /UCT students)


KRAM 4A, Kramer Law Building ,Middle Campus, Rondebosch

Date & Time

Monday :18:00—19:30  (open on 23 July,2018)


Jin Zhang: (021) 650 3039




Level 2 (for students outside campus)

KRAM 4B, Kramer Law Building ,Middle Campus, Rondebosch

Date & Time

Monday :18:00—19:30 (open on 23 July,2018)


Jiaqi Yu: (021) 650 3039




Level 1 (for IAPO /UCT staff)


CI Office


Thursday : 13:00—14:00 (2018)


 Jiaqi Yu : (021) 650 3039


2018 Dates: follows UCT 2018 academic calendar

Tuition fee:

The course is offered by the Confucius Institute at UCT.

R1000 fee per year, another R150 for teaching materials is required at the beginning of each course.



Please fill in the following form and then email it to:

Dr Qiling Ying:

Tel: 021- 650 3039

You can also submit the hard copies of form to Confucius Institute at UCT,

3.02, Masingene Building

Middle Campus


Cape Town  7701