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Happy Chinese for High School

Chinese is one of the main languages in the world, and is quite different from European languages in that it has tonal differentiation and unique written system. As South Africa comes into more contact with China, students are more and more interested in learning the Chinese language.

The course is designed for high school students from Grades 8-11. It will introduce them to the phonetics (pinyin) and written system (simplified characters) of Chinese, and move on to conversations on daily subjects and school life. It will increase the learner's interest in Chinese and make them understand that learning Chinese is happy and easy rather than boring and difficult. Then students will also learn about Chinese culture and people's life in China nowadays. We'll use a textbook called Happy Chinese 《快乐汉语》, a course book designed specially for school-age children ages from 11 up to 16 The Confucius Institute at UCT will send a teacher to teach the students at the school. Schools that are intended to introduce Chinese to their school are welcome to contact us. There will be classes at two levels: Class A is at the beginners' level, and Class B is for those who have started the Happy Chinese, book I before.

Level A:

  1. Demonstrate mastery of correct pronunciation and intonation of Chinese putonghua (Mandarin).
  2. Be able to have simple conversations in Chinese on a limited range of daily-life topics. Learn how to use some teaching websites to practice oral Chinese.
  3. Learn how to write the Chinese characters in the correct order of strokes and memorize about 200 basic characters This class is for students who are interested in Chinese and don't have any previous lessons.

Level B:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to communicate verbally in Chinese in daily situations, to read and understand simple Chinese dialogues.
  2. Be able to write simplified Chinese characters in the correct order of strokes, and in good aesthetic handwriting. Learn how to use the computer to input Chinese.
  3. Understand and learn the fundamentals of the Chinese culture. This class is for students who have participated in the Chinese class before.