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First year courses

SLL1121F Initial Mandarin A

NQF credits: 18

First-year, first-semester course, five meetings per week plus a conversation tutorial and a laboratory session

Convenor: Dr. Yue Ma, Director of Chinese section at School of Language.

Entrance requirements: None

This is a course for beginners, but under certain circumstances students with prior knowledge of Chinese may be admitted.

Course outline

The course aims to lay a solid foundation of the pronunciation and written characters of Mandarin Chinese.


  1. New Practical Chinese Reader, Book I
  2. Elementary Chinese Listening and Speaking

Lecture times: 4th period and 8th period, in two separate groups

DP requirements

At least 80% attendance at lectures, tutorials and language laboratory sessions; completion and timeous submission of all written assignments; attendance at all scheduled tests, written and oral examinations.


Coursework (homework and tests) counts for 40% of the final mark; two-hour written examination counts for 40%, and oral/language laboratory examination counts for 20%.