Second year courses

SLL2122S Mandarin IIB


HEQF credits: 24 at level 6

Second-year, first semester course, five meetings per week plus a conversation tutorial and a laboratory session

Convener: Dr Yue Ma, Director of Chinese section at School of Language.

Entrance requirements

SLL2121F, or at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Course outline

The course is a continuation of SLL2121F Mandarin IIA and aims to further develop competence in aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing of Mandarin Chinese. Special emphasis is given to reading and writing.

Textbooks used for the course

  1. New Practical Chinese Reader, Book IV

Lecture times: 2nd period

DP requirements

Students must attend classes regularly, submit the prescribed number of assignments and write any class test that may be scheduled. Submission dates must be adhered to.


Coursework (assignments and tests) counts for 40% of the final mark; two-hour written examination counts for 40%; oral examination counts for 20%.