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The Chinese Bridge

Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

The 13th Chinese Bridge Competition's Logo, with the theme of "My Chinese Dream"

The 13th "Chinese Bridge" Competition for Foreign College Students is scheduled to be held at the University of Cape Town on 10 May

The 13th Chinese Bridge Competition poster

Archives of the past competitions at UCT

(picture above: The Confucius Institute at UCT successfully hosted the Preliminary Contest in SA in 2011. A group photo of the participants with UCT's dignitaries.)

The "Chinese Bridge" is a Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students. Starting from 2002, the headquarters of the Confucius Institute sponsored the Chinese Bridge each year, and 12 grand competitions have been held in China up to 2013.


Young students at foreign universities aged between 18-30, born and brought up outside China, and native language is not Chinese.

Scopes of competition:

Chinese proficiency in listening, speaking and reading; knowledge about China, talent show, such as singing Chinese songs, performing Chinese music, dance, acrobatic, calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, martial arts, etc.

Stages of the competition

Preliminary contests are held in various countries sponsored by the Chinese embassies or Consulates, participants are selected from universities where Chinese language is offered as a subject of study. Preliminaries are held between March and May, and the organizing committee decides on 110-120 contestants for the quarter-final and final in China in July.

Winners of the preliminaries in different countries will be provided by the organizing committee with round-trip air tickets to China, and board and accommodation during the period of competition in China.

Winners of the Chinese Bridge Competition from UCT

2011 Winners

Rachel and Gafasa receiving the awards

2012 Winners

2013 Winners

During the final stage, prizes for the first, second and third prizes are awarded to the winners.

The Confucius Institute at UCT had sent students to participate in the past competitions in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and won a series of awards.

For those who are interested, please visit the website, download the form of application and return it to Prof. Wu Qianlong at

Chinese Bridge brochure