Chinese Tea Aroma Spreading in partner schools of CI

1 Nov 2016 - 09:30

Since October 2016, Chinese tea art has been presented in several Mandarin classes in partner schools of Confucius Institute at University of Cape Town (CI-UCT), enjoying huge popularity among teachers and students.

Supplementary to Mandarin teaching, Chinese tea art sharing includes three parts: brief introduction to Chinese tea culture, tea ceremony and tea tasting. In the past few sharing experiences, most teachers and students were exposed to Chinese tea culture in real life for the first time, and showed tremendous interest in the exotic beauty. They were amazed by the delicate tea set, elegant tea ceremony, smooth taste and strong fragrance which not only made Mandarin classes lively but also brought physical and mental pleasure to tasters.

Tea tasting in Micklefield Primary School

CI-UCT has always been dedicated to Chinese culture promotion in Cape Town. Until now, Chinese tea art has been introduced to Mandarin classes in several partner schools, such as Groote Schuur Primary School and Micklefield Primary School. More Mandarin classes will smell the aroma of Chinese tea very soon.