Deputy Minister of Hunan Overseas Friendship Association visits the Confucius Institute at UCT

8 Aug 2016 - 15:15

Ping Tan, the Deputy Minister of Hunan Overseas Friendship Association recently led a delegation on a visit to the Confucius Institute (CI) at UCT. A welcome tea was held at the International Academic Programme Office (IAPO) staff lounge for the delegation, with attendance of the IAPO staff and CI teachers.

On 5 August, Professor Evance Kalula, the Foreign Director of CI as well as the director of IAPO, gave the delegation a warm welcome and said: “Hunan Province has a special meaning to me because I was a student movement leader in my youth, so I had a deep admiration for Chairman Mao. When I visited China this June I specially went to the Memorial and Tian’an Men Square to visit the mortal remains of Chairman Mao.”

Professor Shengyong Qin, the Chinese Director of CI, then introduced the members of the delegation. According to the Deputy Minister Ping Tan, the aim of their visit to South Africa was to keep abreast of recent developments in the local Chinese community, as well as those among the students from Hunan Province studying in Cape Town.

In the photo, Ping Tan, Deputy Minister of the Hunan Overseas Friendship Association, presents a traditional Hunan Embroidery, ‘Xiang Xiu’, as a symbolic gift to CI, in addition to inviting everyone to visit Hunan Province.