University of Cape Town Student Won the Second Prize at the Chinese Bridge Competition

6 Jun 2017 - 11:00

The 2017 South African preliminary contest for the 16th Chinese Bridge Competition was successfully held at Stellenbosch University on 3rd of June, with a total of 20 contestants competing from five Confucius Institutes in South Africa. Among them were the University of Cape Town students Madison Melton (穆征和) and Kaela Kirk(凯莉), and both performed well with speeches so vivid and moving that they impressed the judges and won warm applause of the audience. 穆征和showed the audience how reading Chinese novels awakened her strong enthusiasm for Chinese learning, while 凯莉 vividly described the charming image of Shanghai city in her eyes after only three months stay there, which made her love Chinese culture and Chinese people.

Finally, the contestant 穆征和 won the Second Prize at the Competition and will be one of three students representing South Africa to compete and support in the final competition to be held in Changsha city, China.

From left to right: Shika,Qin, Prof. Qin, Madison Melton, Kaela Kirk and Zhenyu Wang.